Deluxe Off-Roadster


Go off-the-beaten track easily and enjoy better adventures that take your everywhere by investing in the powerful Deluxe Off-Roadster scooter.

Do you enjoy a thrill? Extreme sports? Unique experiences? Then this scooter will be perfect for you as it’s the best off-road scooter on the market for its unparalleled off-road performance at an affordable price.

The 12-inch Heavy-Duty wheels handle any terrain with ease and their large size ensures maximum comfort – so you’ll only be thinking where to explore next? Whether that be locally or wherever fun times take you.

Chosen by our customers for its style, uniqueness, and superior performance that mean (with regular servicing) it will go the distance.

From the powerful 1600W * 2 Motor, rock-solid Dual Pump Suspension, and reliable 60V 24 AH Lithium Ion Battery – this scooter has you covered.

Need to climb hills? This scooter features 50 degrees climbing ability.

Need to get to your destination quickly? Sure, the top speed is 80km/h.

Portability is easy with the scooter’s Collapsible Handle Bars, so you can fold it in half and store it conveniently where you choose in seconds. 

Your safety is paramount and so the scooter features powerful Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes to ensure you can come to a fast stop whenever.

For the true adventurer that allows exploring without limits guaranteed!

Out of stock

Quick Info Category: GTIN: 9309000595075


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TYRE SIZE: 12inch off-road
MOTOR POWER: 1600w * 2
BRAKES: Hydraulic dual
TYRES: off  road pneumatic
TOP SPEED: 80km/h
SUSPENSION: Dual pump front shock suspension, rear shocks
LIGHTS: Dual front laser light, rear
Led lights, turning signal
LOAD CAPACITY: 200kg max
DRIVE MODE: 1/2/3 eco/turbo
CHARGING PORT: Dual port 6-8h
FRAME MATERIAL: Forged Aluminium
COLOUR: Black & Grey
BOX DIMENSION: 130  x 30 x 47cm
RANGE: 80km
GROSS WEIGHT: 49kg / 45kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Arthur Thomas

One of the best escooter shops I know! Nik was very helpful in setting up my off-Roadster and gave me tips on how to take care of my ride. Took it out for a test ride first and can't believe how good it was. This is absolutely amazing!


Great service! This scooter has amazing motor power and has performed much better than expected. The build quality is excellent. I'd definitely recommend this!

Eren B.

Extremely capable motor inside this scooter. They made it look like a 4x4 and they made it work like a 4x4. I had no trouble climbing up steep inclines with this thing. The tires and the motor really works in harmony at rough roads. Would recommend!

Daenna I.

Truly built for business. This is perfect for outdoor use (duh?) I got one myself personally for leisure use and just riding it on trails. I believe this is a great tool for guards in large warehouses during their rounds. My dad really considers getting one or two for his business place (for the guards and him I guess.) Would recommend!

Pedro Gilberto

This scooter feels really durable against weather changes. I didn't notice any significant scratches or dings on the body of the scooter after regular use, which made it look new and well-maintained. I'd say it is really dependable on adventures!


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